13 Common Myths about Hair Transplant

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Let’s dispel a few misconceptions about hair transplantation

Most people find hair loss to be highly frightening. It affects more than just how you appear; it decreases self-esteem and fosters a sense of insecurity. Thankfully, baldness may now be treated thanks to advances in science and technology, with hair transplants being the most common. Because there are many myths around the technique, despite the fact that it has been around for a while, not many people are willing to try it as a possibility.

Our specialists at Miracle Hair Clinic in Turkey frequently receive feedback from patients who are concerned about various hair transplant methods. Due to widespread misconceptions about hair transplant techniques, patients frequently express these worries. Due to the limited medical technology at the time, surgeons could only perform large-graft hair transplants, which led to the reputation of hair transplants as looking artificial and unnatural.

In order to explain why it’s a worthwhile alternative to explore in order to combat baldness, we dispel the most prevalent ones below:

1- Hair transplants can cause cancer

The Fact: In reality, a hair transplant has nothing to do with cancer. This operation has no negative consequences on a disability or sickness.

2- Getting a hair transplant is a torturous process

The Fact: As local anesthesia is used throughout, the most recent breakthrough in the cosmetics business has rendered hair transplantation completely painless. So, rest assured that you won’t experience any discomfort during the procedure until the anesthetic’s effects wear off.

There will be a small amount of soreness where the transplant was done until the local anesthesia wears off. But the medication that the skilled trichologist prescribes makes the discomfort/pain easily bearable. You can also go home the same day without being admitted or having to wait for a ride.

3- It is possible to distinguish between natural and grafted hair

The Fact: The truth is that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your hair because it is your own hair, making it impossible for a passerby to tell that you have had a transplant even when it has progressed magnificently.

4- The results of a hair transplant are instantaneous

The Fact: A hair transplant cannot drastically alter your appearance over night or produce quick effects. Frequently, 3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair begins to come out, but the permanent hair root is still there. The average time for these roots to reach their full potential is between 9 and 12 months. You must therefore exercise patience and recognize that the transplanted hair likewise passes through the same three development phases.

5- Only younger males benefit from hair transplants

The Fact: Many patients mistakenly think that hair transplants only work on men who are younger and healthier, when in reality the opposite is true.

When the bulk or all of your hair loss has already taken place, later in life, typically after the age of 25, is when hair restoration methods are most effective. Waiting until your symptoms have passed their peak is the ideal course of action for people who are just starting to experience hair loss and are thinking about hair transplantation.

If the surgery is carried out too soon, hair loss may continue around or through the transplanted hairs, giving you an unnatural appearance. This is because it is challenging for a doctor to predict the future bounds of hair loss.

6- Only men may have hair transplants

The Fact: In the past, it was thought that males were more prone to baldness and that only men might benefit from hair transplants to regrow their hair. But in actuality, baldness now affects women as well. They are also prospective candidates for the hair transplant operation, which is successful on both sexes.

7- Scars from hair transplants are noticeable

The Fact: After surgery, linear scars were once clearly apparent. The size of post-surgical scars has, however, been diminished because of technological improvement in the medical profession. There is only a minor scar, which is readily concealed by the nearby hair.

To take advantage of this benefit, you must locate a reputable surgeon of Miracle Hair Clinic in Turkey who places a high premium on minimizing scarring because these factors make patients happier and give them more self-confidence to flaunt their recovered hair.

8- The brain is affected by hair transplant

The Fact: The most pervasive and harmful misconception in existence is that having a hair transplant won’t hurt your brain. A hair transplant only affects the top layer of skin on your head. Additionally, there is no direct contact with any area of the brain, negating the possibility of any effects.

9- A hair transplant is not an option for elderly adults

The Fact: The truth is that age is not a factor in whether or not you can get a hair transplant as long as you don’t have any active medical conditions and are in good physical and mental health. Furthermore, you need to have enough donor hair for the procedure.

10- Anyone can serve as a donor

The Fact: False, in fact since it is only your own hair, it can be removed from any area of the body, including facial hair, the scalp, arms, chest, and legs as well as pubic region and the axilla.

11- Able to trigger migraines and headaches

The Fact: This is completely false and unnecessary confusion is caused by it. There have been no reports of anyone who underwent a hair transplant medical operation having persistent headaches or brain problems, assuming the patient was not already experiencing these.

12- The transplant is only momentary

The Fact: To maintain the volume and thickness of hair transplants, prescription medications must be used.

13- The procedure needs to be refined repeatedly

The Fact: As long as the moved hair progresses marvelously and with the assistance of an experienced professional, it will remain immaculate and grow out naturally throughout your life. In fact, a transplant may be necessary for that particular area of the scalp in the unlikely event that baldness develops there.

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