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By using FUE hair transplant technique, a Beard hair transplant in Turkey became the first choice for many people around the world thinking of Beard and Mustache restoration solution.

Miracle Health Clinic has a strong reputation among the Turkish clinics in a variety of hair restoration techniques.

Procedure of Beard Hair Transplant

The procedure of Beard – Mustache hair transplant is considered as a suitable permanent solution for restoring facial hair using FUE technique.

People who struggle to grow facial hair due to hereditary reasons or past skin trauma can find this procedure the best solution to their case.

this process uses existing hair from donor area to create a natural looking beard Beard or Mustache as following:

# The individual hair follicles were extracted from the donor area using Follicular unit extraction technique.

# The harvested follicles are sorted, then implanted into the desired areas in the beard or mustache [ upper lip – chin – sideburns – jaw area ].

# This procedure is patient specific, instruments and procedure steps vary from one to another according to required results.

# Beard or Mustache hair transplant using FUE technique takes 3 ~ 5 Hours, its duration depends on how many grafts needed to be extracted and implanted.

# The Beard or Mustache hair transplant procedure happens under local anesthesia.

Advantages of Beard Transplant in Turkey

# The procedure is painless with minimal levels of discomfort.

# No scars.

# Natural beard hair looking results.

# Minimal downtime.

# Almost no risks of complications.

Good candidate for beard transplant in Turkey

for making the best results, our surgeons in Miracle Health clinic always testing the eligibility of the candidate for the desired procedure, in beard hair transplant, it can applied to majority of people who has:

# Patches around the beard area.

# Disconnected beards.

# Inability to grow beard or mustache hair.

Also, the candidate must have good physical health, since any health issues that might lead to future complications is considered a risk factor and will not be accepted to take the procedure.

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    Why to choose Miracle Health Clinic for Beard – Mustache Hair Transplant?

    # Reasonable cost effective treatments.

    # Running patient care on higher quality standards.

    # Expert Surgeons on a variety of hair restoration surgeries.

    # The clinic takes care of 5 star hotel accommodation and airport transfer.

    # after surgery follow up system.