The majority of hair loss cases involve female pattern baldness

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The average daily hair loss for most people is between 50 and 100, which is a normal and undetectable number.

But it might be worse.

But it can seem different from the conventional “baldness” you might imagine, whether it’s subtle thinning all over or a bare area where the scalp can be seen. A third of persons who are born with the gender ascribed to them may eventually experience considerable hair loss.

Furthermore, there are numerous forms with numerous reasons. For instance, the mass shedding of telogen effluvium is distinct from the hair thinning associated with female pattern baldness.

Reasons Behind Hair Loss

The skin’s follicles, where each hair strand resides, are microscopic openings in the skin. Baldness typically results from the hair follicle shrinking over time, which causes shorter, finer hair. When that happens, the follicle stops producing new hair. There may still be a chance for new hair growth because the follicles are still active.

It’s unclear why some women get female pattern baldness, however it could be because of:

  • Aging
  • Modifications in androgen levels (hormones that can stimulate male features)
  • Pattern baldness in men or women running in the family
  • During menstrual cycles, there is a significant blood loss.
  • Certain drugs, such estrogenic oral contraceptives


Compared to male pattern baldness, hair loss is distinct. Concerning female pattern baldness:

  • Most of the scalp’s top and crown are where hair thinning occurs. The center of the hair portion normally widens first. The term “Christmas tree pattern” refers to this pattern of hair loss.
  • Except for the natural recession that occurs to everyone with age, the front hairline is unaltered.
  • In contrast to what may happen in men, hair loss in women rarely proceeds to total or nearly total baldness.
  • The hair on the head will be thinner and coarser if there is an increase in androgens as the cause.
  • On the scalp, it is uncommon to see skin blisters or itchiness.
  • Tests and Exams

Diagnostic criteria for female pattern baldness typically include:

  • Excluding additional hair loss reasons such thyroid illness or iron deficiencies.
  • the manner and appearance of hair loss.
  • Your medical background.

Your physician will check you for further indicators of excess androgen, such as:

  • Unusual hair growth, such as that found on the face or in the region between the belly button and the pubic area
  • Alterations in menstrual cycles and clitoris enlargement
  • Fresh acne

To identify skin conditions that cause hair loss, blood testing or a scalp skin sample may be utilized.

To check for issues with the actual structure of the hair shaft, the hair may be examined with a dermoscope or under a microscope.


If left untreated, female pattern baldness hair loss is irreversible. Hair loss is usually mild to moderate. If you are happy with how you look, you do not require therapy.

Hair Transplant

Women may benefit from this procedure:

  • Who do not respond well to medical treatment
  • With no appreciable cosmetic enhancement

Tiny plugs of hair are taken out of places with thicker hair and implanted (transplanted) in balding areas during a hair transplant. Where hair is removed, there may be slight scarring. Skin infections are a tiny possibility. You’ll probably require a lot of transplants, which can be costly. However, the outcomes are frequently fantastic and long-lasting.

Benefits of hair transplantation at Miracle Hair Turkey Clinic in Turkey

One of the fundamental factors in the success of hair transplantation in Turkey and its transformation into a major hair transplant destination is its benefits.

Thanks to successful hair transplantation facilities that can best match the expectations of individuals seeking natural hair transplantation, we can state that hair transplantation in Istanbul has grown to be one of the beauty procedures that many men and women from all over the world dream of having. Even while the cosmetic issues brought on by hair loss are rarely discussed, baldness can hamper social life, especially for young men, and keep them from feeling at ease in the workplace.

Okay, so why Turkey for hair transplants? What are the benefits of hair transplantation in Turkey, in other words?

We believe that Turkey’s international success in hair transplantation is largely due to the fact that it provides a high-quality service with reasonable price policies. Because of this, thousands of people choose Turkey for hair transplantation each year, creating a significant market and sector. The increased demand for hair transplantation in Turkey has been one of the most important motivators for our technical advancement in hair transplantation as we strive to meet this demand as effectively as possible. As Miracle Hair Clinic in Turkey, we can say that the process we have witnessed in recent years has progressed in this manner.

In fact, success fed advantages, advantages continued to support success. Therefore, Turkey still continues to be the most advantageous country in the world in hair transplantation. You can think of it as a kind of investment. Thanks to these advantages, we continue to be the most preferred country in hair transplantation.

Although low costs might appear to be the main benefit of hair transplantation in Turkey, this is not the case. We believe that the most significant benefit of having hair transplant surgery in Turkey is the affordability of such cutting-edge methods. In Turkey, we successfully and affordably execute hair transplantation using cutting-edge methods as Sapphire hair transplant, FUE and DHI (Direct Hair Transplant).

Hair transplantation wasn’t always a straightforward procedure to undertake in the past. The patient’s suitability for hair transplantation was the subject of our first and most crucial inquiry. The donor area’s hair follicle density needed to be high. By assessing the donor area in the best way possible today, advanced hair transplantation methods such as Sapphire, FUE and DHI enable us to nearly universally provide hair transplantation.

We can now perform hair transplantation on patients whom we previously did not recommend because we did not believe we would be able to achieve satisfactory results in hair transplantation until a few years ago. Additional treatments that nourish hair follicles before and/or after hair transplantation can help us achieve much better results.

The most common concern with hair transplantation is the possibility of not being suitable, more specifically, doubts about whether it will look natural or whether it will be obvious that one had a hair transplant. This is a very understandable fear, because, while people are uncomfortable with losing their hair, they become accustomed to the image in the mirror over time, and innovation, change, even if it appears to be beneficial, can appear strange at first.

Thousands of people who feel awful about losing their hair and dream of getting back to how they looked in the mirror can realize their goals in Turkey because of the benefits Turkey offers in hair transplantation.

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