What does the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey include?

Our Clinic and Hospital

The amount of grafts that need to be transplanted is not a factor in determining the cost of the hair transplant operations offered by Miracle Health in Turkey.

At Miracle Health, we provide a variety of Hair Transplant Methods, but the end aim is always the same: to achieve the best possible outcomes with the highest possible number of grafts in a single session, and of course, to do so without causing any damage to the donor area.

The rates listed on the Miracle Health website include everything, with the exception of a cap placed on the number of grafts that can be performed in a single appointment. In addition to the actual process, our hair transplant procedure in Turkey includes the following:

The most grafts that can be performed in a single session is maximum.

In order to produce the greatest and most natural results possible from the hair transplant procedure, the specialized hair transplant surgeon will calculate the maximum number of grafts that can be placed in a single session. The specialist will select the approach that is the most appropriate and effective for each individual circumstance:

FUE Hair Transplant, DHI Hair Transplant, or Sapphire Hair Transplant are all viable options.


Depending on the availability, Miracle Health provides its clients with the opportunity to stay in Istanbul’s finest 5-star hotels located in the heart of the city. During your stay, we will do all in our power to ensure that you have everything you need to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience, including providing you with facilities of the highest possible standard.

In order to keep all of our patients safe from the time they check in until the time they check out, the Covid-19 security procedures are implemented at each and every accommodation establishment.

Patient Care Services 24/7

Miracle Hair Clinic in Turkey provides patient host agents that speak the languages English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Arabic. They will check in on you throughout your stay to ensure that your hair transplant procedure in Istanbul goes smoothly and that you have a positive experience overall.

Medication and medical tests

The all-inclusive hair transplant package that we offer includes any and all blood tests that are required prior to the treatment, as well as any and all medications that will be required after the transplant has been performed.

Transfers with VIP vehicles

Your driver from Miracle Health will pick you up at the airport, transport you to the clinic, and then drive you to your hotel. We will take care of everything for you, including transportation, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just take it easy and enjoy the process of getting your hair transplant in Turkey.

After Surgery Follow-ups

The medical professionals at Miracle Health provide follow-up care on a regular basis. The patients are called by our specialists after 15 days, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months to follow up on the results of their hair transplant and provide appropriate advice during the healing process.

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